Events of the past

Puzzling of remind of past of things of the past, puzzling sad come! I have a boy friend in my college,he is a soldier. We are loving each other for two years. After we separate there is a boy pursue me who is my former boyfriend’s brother. He is very kind and handsome. so we are fall in love after months. But it is so awkward when my  former boyfriend,my boy friend and me to meet. so we break up. Until now I have not contact with them. I am very miss them.But I know they  also are good friends now and all have himself girl friends.

I hope every thing goes well about them.


The fake is so boring

Now more and more manufacture to copy my product. Yesterday I bought a fake; I can’t believe how inferior it is. I summarize many points as bellow:

  1. The fake is smaller than our product.
  2. The shape of the fake is not reasonable; it doesn’t have the curve like our neck.
  3. The material of they used is also inferior,it is harmful to our skin,


I don’t know why it can sell in the market. I know the gain of the cervical spondylosis, if you don’t choose a right product; you will be more and worse.

The friends of cervical vertebra—Necktraction Fixer

You know, people just sit before the computer to work nowadays. More and more people get neck disease .Necktraction Fixer is used to cure and prevent neck disease and could help those patients. 



The portable Necktraction Fixer is a new type product for human health care. It is good for the patients, who are suffered by cervical spondylopathy. Using the product Frequently can help to preventing and treating the cervical spondylopathy, alleviating the fatigue in neck area and can auxiliary cure the uncomforting caused by vertebra disease. It is a product with the function of traction, fixing, magnetic cure and health care, especially helpful for the mid and old aged people. 


THE  LETTER TO YOU(all you guys)

Hello,How are you? I am come from China. I am so exciting to join the word press. My hobby is take photo and shopping.My job is foreign trade,if you have any question please don’t be shy to contact me.I also will introduce something of Chinese.

I like make friends,Welcome to visit my blog.